Where I came from…

Born in Arizona, I had the benefit of being the son of Church of God pastor. He was ordained a Bishop long before I was born. He was known to his children and grandchildren – even his greatgrandchildren, as a wonderful story teller. As a boy I would frequently ask him to tell me about the “olden days” when he was a child. After all, he was born about the end of WW I and vehicles were most often pulled by a horse or mule. And his stories still amaze me.

My mother, a nurse by profession, was a lady who taught me so much and whose professional steps I followed although I did not become a nurse. She sang beautifully and sang with passion for God.  When wisdom is discussed, she should be referenced! I look forward to the day I get to have a reunion with my parents in heaven.

I may have been born in the Arizona desert, but got to travel all over the western U.S.A. as my father went to several small pastorites – usually as a problem solver. The question of pay was never mentioned. He would support himself and his family at almost every church he pastored by working as a carpenter, oil field hand, or whatever he could find. He was strong – not only physically but in character. I hope I am half the man he was! I found out long ago that he was indeed a great man. Oh and by the way – I may have been born in AZ but after starting school in Washington, I got to attend schools in Lignite, ND, and then started fifth grade in McCrory, AR and finished it and the other grades in Bald Knob, AR.

I love the hills of Arkansas, but really enjoy Texas and its politics. I now proudly call myself a Texan. However, don’t tie me down! I would love to live someplace like Montana, Wyoming, Idaho or Washington. Yes, I have been through there and want to go back!


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