Enjoying the Day

Today is a little slow for me. I thought about sharing my burdens and pains,
but decided that in spite of it all, we all deserve better. After all, I
practically preach to my grandsons that the day is what you make of it. Our
response is as important as what happens to us. Many times my Mother
quoted the psalmist in repeating “This is the day that the Lord has made.
I will rejoice and be glad in it.” And you know, no matter how much I may
recite that or say I believe that, until I apply that it is really just more,
empty words.

So here I sit – at my pc with a seven week-old Chihuahua cradled in my arm.
I have to be careful because this one is so small he falls off easily.
Fortunately (for him) I can rest my keyboard on my lap to type. He is so small!
I think he is the smallest pup we have had. And he is so precious! Everyone
loves him. Caring for puppies is fun. And this one just really takes all the
attention he can get! And this is just one of the things I can do to enjoy the day!

I just need to learn to overcome my self-pity in a positive manner. For certain, I am truly blessed. What we focus on is our choice. If I choose to focus on something depressing or worrying about something I cannot influence, I am
choosing to live in misery.

I remember one of my professors in college talking about circles of
influence. His teaching was not original on the subject but he said we have
three rings of influence. The one furthest out from me is one in which I have
so very little influence it hardly matters – like my vote in a landslide
election. It has an effect, just not a big one. Then there is the circle of
friends, work associates, and acquaintances that I can sway, but they make
their own decisions – I cannot control them. I can hopefully be a good
influence on them. The only circle where I have control of the individual is
the one drawn around my shoes. I cannot control, but I can influence others. To
be honest, I want it to be a positive influence. Regretfully, I have failed
often in this. However, as a sage said, failure is a chance to do it again
differently. The definition of foolishness is doing the same thing over and
over while expecting different results. So I press on with the pursuit. If I
ever understand how to attain perfection, I will write a best seller to share
it with you.

Perhaps the lack of cohesiveness in my effort to share my thoughts with you
today shows just the kind of RSD day I am having. No matter the problem, I
cannot allow it to rob me of my self-determination. God is in control. And God
wants what is good for me. I choose to go with the good God has in store for me
on this day. So no matter what, this is my day! And my prayer is that this will somehow influence you with encouragement.


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