Howdy, folks!

I thought I would give blogging an opportunity since I really do need some intellectual work. I am one of those “handicapped” people and on S.S. disability – and as we would say it here, “I ain’t happy with it!” True, I really do have a disability and at the moment cannot work, but I hate that status! I am a man used to working and loved 10 hour to 12 hour work days! Why? I had the best job I ever had – easy, profitable, respectable, and in an environment I have been comfortably working since 1977 – a body repair shop. Really – a surgical suite.  I can no longer pursue that, so here I sit – like I said I do not like it. I hate the inactivity. Still I have hope.

I hope my greatest strength is one derived from my own personal weakness: a personal relationship with God. I am not unique in this. There are many of us. The fascination of this point is that I was in a position where it was impossible to approach God in any manner. My good acts only reflected something God crafted in each of us, but could not change my status with him. I was not even in a place or position to offer any gift or sacrifice to him. How could I? I was totally ignorant of him, his ways, even what it took to get in touch with him. Yeah, I know we should all be in touch with ourselves, but that left me realizing that I still was missing something. And I really could do nothing about it.

Here is the fascinating part of my relationship I now have with God: He looked me up! Funny thing (not as in comical funny) about it was that God is the only purely good being – without any wrong – that exists. And compared to his purity, to him I was in a world of poo covered with poo and worse. (Yes, I could get really graphical in my illustration but restrain in hopes of remaining readable.) To get to God was like being on opposite sides of an ocean without airliners or even boats much less a phone! So God made contact with me. That contact started when he came into my world to live and share his ways with not only me but with everyone. Then he bore the responsibility for all the mess I was born into and that same mess I continued to naturally follow: the meanness, strife, greif I possessed and freely shared with all. It is commonly called sin. It was not just what I did, but also the moral and mental state I was in. Yes, he took all of that upon himself, providing for all I needed to have a relationship with him. God did that for me! I did not deserve it, yet he did it for me. And you know what else? He did it for every person ever born upon this earth.

Then, after literally having to suffer a horrendous death in this process, he came to life again! This one immortal being who was purity itself, became 100% human, but came back to life because he was still 100% the only pure, living God. History calls God who became a man while still remaining God by the name Jesus Christ. And did you know that historically there is more evidence for the birth, life, death and coming physically back to life for Jesus Christ than there is for Caesar crossing the Tiber? There is relatively little record of Julius Caesar crossing the Tiber compared to the records of Jesus Christ from antiquity, current during that period in which they both were alive. Unfortunately, accepting the historical fact of Jesus Christ’s activity in this physical world does not constitute trusting in him for having physically and spiritually taking your own moral impurity and illness upon himself.

When Jesus Christ came back to life, he promised me that one day he would return life to my physical body and I would live where he lives literally for ever! Not only did he make it possible for me to live forever with him, but he could even apply a part of that to me now so that what was naturally in me that offended him no longer controlled my self and my life. To take place of the impuity in me, he placed his own purity in me. But again, I am not unique in this because the offer is for everyone. This is ‘kinda’ hard to believe, but at one time, nuclear energy was beyond the scope of human science. What Jesus Christ has done and will do is beyond science as much as nuclear energy was to the Native Americans of the Great Plains in the 15th century. Even further. However, many then would probably call much of what we consider commonplace as some sort of magic with deep spiritual implications due to their superstitions. Can’t explain it? There are many things that cannot be explained which are commonplace and still accepted without question.

You know, the sad thing is how few have taken God up on this wonderful, marvelous chance to have a real relationship with God. Otherwise, because purity cannot coexist with impurity, he must one day punish them since they did not accept what Jesus Christ has done for them. God is – until that one day – waiting for their invitation to apply Jesus Christ’s accomplishments to their own lives. And God loves us so much that he has approved of this, planned for this, and wants this; God wants a personal relationship with each individual including you, reader. None of us is above this basic need of getting to really know God as who he is – and it goes far beyond best friends forever!

Back to me – I too am concerned about you or I would not have gone to the effort I have in writing this. My own heart has reflected God’s relationship in that even professionally I worked to help people through some of their most trying times of their life – even though many do not know that I was a part of the team that helped physically repair them so they could function normally or even in some cases to live. I took that profession seriously. I now need to do something that helps other people even though I am handicapped beyond the ability to hold a job anymore. Yet, if I sit and stew where I am without trying some kind of “distillation,” I will only become rotten – a mean old man who easily lashes out in pain to all around me. I do not want to remain there. So perhaps a blog will help me to develop intellectually, give me something worthwhile to do.

Oh, about God’s purity that he applied to my life, I still live in the same world I was born into so I still have to deal with the poo around me we all do. How it works out is that now God gives me the ability to be like him so I can escape affects of the poo in my life. And when it does affect me, he has set up a way for me to handle it. I simply make it right to my fellow humanity after talking it over with God to make it right with him. Amazingly simple.

Hey – have a great day! Take God’s promise for yourself.


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